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John Johnson

John has been playing music since he was in High school. The son of a Guitar teacher, John was exposed to music and playing the guitar early in life.  His Father was a jazz and theory enthusiast and had an influence on John's tastes and style. Along with his influence, John listened and was driven by varied genres ranging from Led Zeppelin to Neil Young as well as Steely Dan and various Progressive Rock artists.  John began writing songs in his 20's and has recorded in studios on several occasions.  He has played in multiple configurations in bands starting with "Magen's Bay" in 80's, "Trash To Steam" a more 70's Style rock band in the 90's and evolved into "Swedes Run" earlier in the 2000's mixing rootsy acoustic electric sound with originals and cover style song performances.  John's most recent band comprised of 4 pieces (sometimes 6) playing as John Johnson and THE ESCAPE PLAN which led to him co-producing his first full length album called "Living Life".


John enjoys playing solo show at local bars, Breweries/Distilleries and restaurants.  He mixes his acoustic gigs often with his trusty bass player  Scott McIntyre and Guitar accompanist John Schuler. His music shows range from solo to 5 or 6 pieces with keyboards and a harmonica/mandolin player.  His show can handle most any situation or band configuration. 

John Schuler

John is a gifted and versatile guitar player being a master of effects and mimicking many well-known guitars in the industry. He collects guitars for their unique sounds and is able to emulate them from his electronics and playing style. He has played in multiple bands in the south jersey area over the last few decades most notably Midlife Crisis over the past several years.

Scott McIntyre

Scott is a skilled bassist and plays multiple styles including jazz, blues and classic rock ‘n’ roll.  Scott’s been playing musical instrument since in high school and has mastered the bass guitar. He is most notable in an original band called "Three Lanes to Philly" providing the rhythm support for Kevin Giarnella a gift vocalist and songwriter. Scott plays in multiple bands in the area including Opus Soul and Nobody’s Business and we are fortunate to have been playing with us as we develop our musical relationships.

Andrew Countryman

Andrew is the youngest of the band trained in jazz and fusion and  rock ‘n’ roll from high school into his 20s and is really blossomed as a versatile drummer. He provides a fundamental percussion to any style of music from Artists like  the police, Pink Floyd,U2, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Allman Brothers providing a steady backbeat in a simple but complex manner. 

Past members who continue to jump back in when they are  in the area!

Pat Kinsley

Pat started playing guitar by taking lessons (Mel Bay Method) when he was 12 years old. He quit playing for a couple years and then picked it back up at age 16 when he met some new neighbor kids. They were playing popular music and realized he knew all the chords. His first electric guitar was a 1977 Ibanez Les Paul and first amplifier was a Fender Pro Reverb. He studied under blues guitarist Joe Zucarello in Trenton for a few years that provided skills for playing solos. Pat played with different musicians but was more focused on work and family so playing in bands was never pursued. Upon moving to Burlington Township in 1994, he met musicians and started playing in bands; The Mofo’s, Carter McWIlliams and Friends, The Escape Plan, Shades of Grey and now Shelter In Place. Pat is featured as a rhythm and lead guitar player on the album Living Life by John Johnson and The Escape Plan.   Pat moved to South Carolina with his lovely wife Robin and joins us occasionally when he visits NJ.

Patrick O'Neill

Bassist Patrick O’Neill has been an active musician for forty plus years. Initially focusing on the presentation of acoustic improvisation jazz, what seemed a natural progression into fusion jazz followed. The influence of Percy Jones, Dave Pegg, and Mike Rutherford hastened this transition. For many years he held down the bottom for the  Thursday Night Band, a fusion oriented group playing in The Philadelphia area. Eventually prog-rock influenced the bands musical direction and the band began playing more cover material until they disbanded in the late nineties. 


Impromptu jam sessions became his musical mainstay until 15 years ago when he became bassist for Swedes  Run, a group performing mostly original material with a mix of cover material. . Eventually Swedes Run regrouped and Pat returned as the group evolved into The Escape Plan performing rock covers locally for some years. During this time Pat contributed to an album of John Johnson’s original music collection.

RIP November 2023 -- We are saddened to lose our great friend and band mate

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